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Easy DIY that will instantly upgrade your laundry space

Laundry rooms are one of the most ignored rooms in the house.... Not anymore! Make your laundry room work for you and start creating a nice space that makes you feel as good as your living room! For just a small price, you can easily make your laundry space look modern and appealing without doing that much hard work! Simply roll up your sleeves, wear your artistic hat and get creative!

Upcycle your laundry room walls

A simple wall tile renovation on your laundry room can do wonders! Make the space feel modern and cared for by simply changing up the look of the walls using modern and stylish looking peel and stick vinyl wall tiles. Rework it into a much more aesthetically pleasing space.

Make a statement with your appliances

Got some appliances that have been around for ages and are looking a little old and dated? Give them a facelift and make them look fancy and new with our premium self-adhesive films. Make your appliances pop with style to improve your overall laundry room space.

Stylish self-adhesive floor tiles

Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles are ideal for covering low traffic floor areas like your laundry room. They are high on impact but low on cost. This is an easy DIY solution to give your space a quick floor makeover. No tradesmen, grout or special tools required.

It's the privacy and luxury you desire

Our premium window film designs are perfect for creating privacy to your windows and will provide 95% UV protection without blocking out light. Easy to wipe clean and remove. The premium film is resistant to scratches and can be reused over and over again!