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Bundle Deals - Tools

Get all the tools you need for your DIY vinyl installation. Buy & Save with our tool bundle deals.

Edge Trims for Wall Tiles

Complete your self-adhesive wall tiling job with smart accessories.

Vinyl Home -Gift Card

Shopping for someone else? Treat them with a DIY gift card and let them select their favourite the design.

Equip yourself with the right tools and take your DIY project to the next level!

Anti Slip Grips

Introducing our Anti-Slip Grip Collection - Your Ultimate Solution for Slippery Surfaces! Are you tired of dealing with hazardous, slippery floors and other surfaces that put you and your loved ones at risk of accidents? Look no further than our carefully curated Anti-Slip Collection, designed to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve in your home or workplace. Say goodbye to slip and fall mishaps and embrace safety and stability with our top-of-the-line products!

Anti-Slip Grip Stickers for Slippery Floors: Our anti-slip grip stickers are a game-changer when it comes to enhancing traction and minimising slipperiness on various surfaces. Whether it's your bathroom tiles, kitchen floor, or outdoor patio, these easy-to-apply stickers provide a reliable and long-lasting grip that prevents slips in both wet and dry conditions. Available in various sizes and designs, they seamlessly blend with your decor while delivering unbeatable safety.

Anti-slip Grip Rug Underlays: Rug underlays prevent rugs from slipping and sliding on hard and carpeted flooring. They create friction between the rug and the floor, helping to keep the rug in place and reducing the risk of accidents.

    Grip Shelf Liners: Tired of your pantry items sliding around and falling over due to smooth shelves? Our anti-slip liners are the perfect solution! These versatile liners can be easily placed on pantry shelves, keeping your food items, kitchen essentials, and glassware securely in place. With our anti-slip liners, you can wave goodbye to the annoyance of disorganised and potentially hazardous pantry spaces.

    Don't compromise on safety when it comes to slippery surfaces. Invest in our Anti-Slip Collection today and transform your living and working spaces into safe, accident-free zones. Embrace confidence and security with our top-notch grip stickers, rug underlays, and shelf liners, designed to cater to all your anti-slip needs.

    Upgrade your space, protect your loved ones, and enjoy peace of mind with our Anti-Slip Collection - the ultimate solution for slip prevention!


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