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It is not unusual that our customer choose a different design than they first thought once they have matched it with their existing decor.

Get a sample for as low as $1.50 and check the colour, texture and quality.

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The after look feels high-end, but in fact you’ve just DIYed it yourself

Adding value to your home doesn’t always have to be super expensive! Our peel and stick tiles and quality DIY film options are perfect for making your kitchen feel like a breath of fresh air without doing the actual renovation work. They are easy to use, low on effort but are high on impact. No grout or special tools required. Take a look at how our vinyl films transformed the kitchen below from looking dated to becoming bright and airy.

Turn your kitchen from basic to fab

Prepare to be wowed. The wallpaper and 3D gel like design peel and stick tiles bring both aesthetic and practical value to your kitchen. And for some of these tiles you don't even have to remove your existing tiles or splash back! So if you're looking to add personality to your splashback or simply want to give it a whole new vibe, here is a world of easy stick tile designs you can choose from.

Achieve the kitchen cupboard of your dreams

Create the upscale cabinetry look you’ve been dreaming of and make your cooking space look like your very own wonderland! Take a look at the video and see how you can DIY a kitchen makeover. 

Easy and affordable benchtop upgrade hack

Instead of spending a fortune to replace your kitchen benchtop why not upgrade it instead using our sticky back plastic films. Just measure, cut and stick! Use a flat edge to smooth out any bubbles. Presto your new lovely benchtop is now holiday and feast-ready!😉