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It is not unusual that our customer choose a different design than they first thought once they have matched it with their existing decor.

Get a sample for as low as $1.50 and check the colour, texture and quality.

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Create the look your client wants with vinyl - no matter what the job

Getting the right look for whatever job you are doing is paramount. Whether you are an interior designer, property manager, home stage consultant, shop fitter, movie creator or exhibitor our premium tiles and products make your job easier. These lightweight products are perfect for redesigning a home, making exhibition stands, creating wall tiles in showrooms and backdrops for film making.

Looking for something chic, rustic or classic?

We have a huge range of quality vinyl products to suit everyone's needs. The gel wall tiles are so realistic you will have to touch them to know they were vinyl! Our flooring range can be applied on top of existing tiles and our waterproof wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for homes, shops and cafes.

Need to create a backdrop for your next production?

Creating a backdrop that can be showcased in your next commercial or photoshoot can be tricky and expensive. Why not take a look at our selection of vinyl tiles and sticky back plastic film which are light weight, cost effective and can be applied within minutes. Simply peel and stick the products onto a flat surface and voila!

Remodel a room or furniture to increase home value

Remodelling or getting a home ready to sell is something that every homeowner goes through. Our products are not only cost effective but they can be installed quickly and with no mess. Why not introduce your clients to Vinyl Home®.

Style up your window glass

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to home decoration. Window film is a great substitute or complement to blinds and curtains. They add privacy, protects furnishings from UV rays, adds decor to your space and don't take up any extra space. Moreover they are easy to apply and remove and it will only take you minutes.

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