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Videos Window Film

If you think that window film requires a professional installer to achieve a great result, you may want to rethink. Our none glue, static cling window film is very easy to apply. If you watch and follow these step-by-step video tutorials we will show you that you can too frost your windows, just like a professional!

How to apply premium static cling window film

This video shows how to apply static cling window film. It will show you how to:

first clean your windows
spray your windows with water and a few drops of wash up liquid
remove the backing paper
position the the window film on the glass surface
squeeze out all water with a squeegee
wipe dry with a towel.

Watch and try it yourself! It really is that simple.

Static cling the no glue window film

If privacy or the strong rays from the sun is an issue, window film may be the solution for your windows. It works great both at home or like in this video tutorial for a business. This is a great video to watch if you want to learn how to cover long windows. There is no need to worry about sticky glue since this window film adheres with static cling. You can easily remove the film and reapply it as many times as you like.

How to reposition window film

If you get the window film applied in a wrong angle or for some reason need to re-position the window film, this can easily be done. Start by pulling one of the corners and lift the entire film. This will take less than two seconds. Make sure that the windows are fully wet and then reapply the window film into the correct position.

How to clean window film

When you clean your windows, there is no need to remove your window film. Simply spray your windows and window film and wipe them clean. Window vacuum cleaners can also be used.

How to remove window film

When removing your window film, peel it off from one of the top corners and pull. There will not be any glue or residue on the windows. The window film can be rolled up and stored to be reapplied at a later state if you wish.

How to apply tinted film

Learn how to tint your own windows with this static cling window tint. It provides UV and heat protection and removes glare.

How to apply window stripes

Window stripes are very easy to apply due to its static technology. Watch this video and try it yourself!

Why use window stripes

If you are worried about children or pets running into your windows then window stripes may be just the solution you're looking for. They come in different sizes and make the windows more noticeable without completely removing the opportunity to look out through the windows.

Samples: window film

Window film is a tricky product to photograph to capture the true look of the design. We always recommend that you order a sample first to check out the different designs in your own home. This video clearly shows the difference between our bestselling designs Milky and Frost.


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