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FREE NZ delivery over $199, AUSTRALIA: from NZ$15.


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Videos Adhesive Vinyl

We have gathered our most popular video tutorials of adhesive vinyl to make installation as easy as possible for you. If you can't find the application method below for your project check out our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks. If there is still anything that you are unsure of, please get in touch as we are always happy to guide you from the planning phase to the completion of your project.

How to apply sticky back plastic to a worktop

Did you know that sticky back plastic can be applied to bench tops? It is both water and alcohol resistant and can take heat up to 75°C. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to vinyl wrap your counter top too!

How to vinyl wrap kitchen cupboards

In this video we will show you how to bring new life to your kitchen cupboards by wrapping them with sticky back plastic. Watch how to:

detach the doors
apply the self-adhesive vinyl
wrap around the edges
remove a bubble

It's just as easy as that! Now try it yourself and enjoy the new look of your kitchen.

Hack your coffee table with adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is a great product to use when upcycling tired looking furniture like table tops. Watch this video and learn everything from how to measure and cut your vinyl to how to wrap the perfect edge without getting any air bubbles trapped.

Now try it yourself and don't be afraid to mix different designs!

Retro look: wrap a kitchen with grooves

Yes there is a way to wrap bevelled and curved surfaces with sticky back vinyl. Arm yourself with a hairdryer and needle and we will show you how to stretch and mould the vinyl to any shape.

For this application method we recommend to do a few tests first with off cuts until you get the hang of the technique. This is for the more advanced vinyl wrappers and the trick is to go slowly. You can also use the heat from the hair dryer to remove creases and get the vinyl back to its original shape.

Vinyl application around a sink and taps

Wrapping vinyl around a sink and taps can be a tricky task. In this video we show you how to get the job done and seal the edges to protect it from water.

Hack with sticky back plastic: round corners

A small piece of vinyl and a hairdryer can perform wonder in just a matter of minutes. It is easier to wrap a curved edge than many people think. Try this simple hack and your guests will never guess that splendid new surface is vinyl!

How to remove a vinyl bubble in 1-2-3

In this video we show you the best ways to remove a trapped adhesive vinyl air bubble. Use a needle and a smoother and enjoy your bubble free wrapped vinyl!

How to remove sticky back plastic

Removing adhesive vinyl won't take you long and most of the time it will come off just fine without damaging the surface. Here we show you how to use a hair dryer to soften the glue when pulling the vinyl off the bench top. Any glue residue can be wiped off with methylated spirits.

Samples: find the right vinyl design

Choosing a vinyl design can be a tricky task without seeing it next to your other decor. We always recommend to order a sample first and put the vinyl to the test. In this video we show you a few things you can try with your samples.


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