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Ceramics Glue | For Vinyl Wallpaper - 750g


750 gram glue for our Ceramics vinyl wallpaper.


The Ceramics glue is suitable for non-absorbent under-surfaces like ceramic tiles. For absorbent surfaces (e.g. plastered walls) apply normal wallpaper paste. Check with your local hardware or wallpaper store. 


Unsure of if your surface is non-absorbent or absorbent? Then test with this quick guide:


  • spray the surface with water
  • if the water rolls off the surface then it is non-absorbent
  • if the surface gets dark then it is absorbent


One container of Ceramics glue (750g) is sufficient for 4m² of Ceramics wall covering. One 4m roll of Ceramics covers about 2,7m² which means you can cover roughly 1.5 rolls of Ceramics (4m length) with one container of glue. For a 20m roll you'll need 4 x 750g containers of Ceramics glue. Please note that this information only apply to Ceramics glue. For any other glue please follow their instructions. 


For an easy application it's best to slightly moisten the rear of the wallpaper with water first. Let it soak for about 10min. Apply the Ceramics glue straight to the wall surface that you intend to cover with wallpaper.  Attention! Remove any spots of adhesive with clean water immediately!


Customer Reviews

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April Gulliver
Waterproof wallpaper glue

Loved this glue! It really fixes the wallpaper to the wall and is easy to clan as well.