FREE NZ delivery over $199, AUSTRALIA: from NZ$15.

FREE NZ delivery over $199, AUSTRALIA: from NZ$15.


Equip yourself with the right tools and take your DIY project to the next level!


Equip yourself with the right tools and accessories to make sure that your DIY job is successful

In general our products do not require any special tools, professional installers or accessories. That is the beauty of our high quality products - a quick and easy DIY job. It's always good to check what you've already got at home before you start your project.

We stock a few tools and accessories which will help making your installation easier and the accessories will finish off your project nicely.


Application kit

The application kit is well worth the investment. If you are likely to become a repeat customer (most of our customers are) you will use this clever tool over and over again.

The squeegee has a soft edge which make sure that you don't scrape your sticky back plastic, window film or wallpaper during application. This type of squeegee is specifically designed for this job.

As a substitute for a smaller job you can smooth down your vinyl with a credit card or a cloth. This is fully possible but it will be a bit more tricky to get a nice bubble free result.

A craft knife is a must for all of our products. You can also use or compliment with scissors but a craft knife and a metal edge ruler will give you the nicest cut.

Please note that the squeegee is not suitable for tiles installation. For wall tiles your best tool is the pressure of your hands either with or without a cloth/soft glove. For floor tiles a paint roller is the best tool to put on firm pressure onto the tiles at installation.


Ceramics glue

Ceramics glue is a special designed glue for our waterproof wallpaper. This glue should be used when the wallpaper is applied to a non-absorbent under surface like ceramic tiles. For absorbent under surfaces (like plastered walls) a normal wallpaper paste is recommended. 


Additional tools

Apart from the above mentioned tools there are a few other tools that may become handy for installation such as:

  • a craft mat (for cutting tiles and window film). A great substitute is a cutting board from the kitchen.
  • a tea towel for wiping off excess water from the window film installation
  • a pen to mark on the backing paper where to cut
  • a tape measure
  • a glove or cloth for wall tiles installation. A glove or sock can also be used to protect your hand if you apply heat to the vinyl.
  • a paint roller to install floor tiles
  • a hair dryer for vinyl application and removal of products
  • a level for anything installed on to the wall
  • grease remover (like sugar soap) to start with a clean surface.
  • silicone to seal any edges that will be in close contact with water.


Smart Accessories

Our Smart Accessories will give your tiling project an extra finish. The Smart edges are designed to frame the tiles and give them an even more professional touch. The Smart panel is ideal if you install the tiles close to a heat source. 


Extra Glue

No there is No need for any extra glue. Our premium product use a low tack glue. This means it may not appear sticky at first which is exactly how it should be to allow for adjustments during installation. When the glue reacts with air it will become stickier and reach its fullest strength after a few days. For your job to be successful make sure that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines and allow the products to acclimatise to the room, install at the correct temperature and onto the correct surface. For more details check out our FAQs.


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