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Frost | Static Cling Window Film - 45cm x 1.5m

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Product Details

Roll size:
45cm x 1.5m
PVC film with static cling effect, printed and/or embossed, Transparent backing film (PET)

Frost is a plain, none textured window film that has a white tone. It is very neutral look and will fit in with any room decor, which makes it suitable for most windows. This is also a great design to choose if you are planning to vinyl cut or hand cut your own decals out of the film. The premium window film, that looks like real glass, has a static cling effect which means no glue is needed and it's fully removable without leaving any mark.

Many of our customers are tossing up between Frost and Milky. If you click through our images you can see the difference or watch this video. We always recommend to order a sample first so that you can check out the design yourself.

Our Frost Static Cling Window Film is perfect for bringing a new look to bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, offices, and even those small, visible windows at the entrance. It'll give your glass doors and mirrors an impressive transformation!


  • sold as a roll
  • adds privacy to your windows but doesn't block out the light
  • adheres with static technology. No glue!
  • easy to apply with a squeegee without getting any air bubbles
  • gives 95% UV protection
  • protects your furnishings from fading
  • easy to wipe clean
  • easy to remove
  • premium film that looks like real glass
  • very resistant to scratches thanks to additional paint layer
  • can be reused over and over again
  • environmentally manufactured

d-c-fix premium static cling window film are ideal for the bedroom, bathroom, shower glass, kitchen, the office or the narrow window at the front door where everyone can see straight through. It is also suitable as décor on glass doors and mirrors.

If you are unsure of what design to choose for your project, we recommend that you order a sample first.

Size Guide

  1. Measure the height and width of the window
  2. Read the product description carefully so that you know which way the design goes
  3. Most of our window film rolls are 1.5m long and 45cm, 67.5cm or 90cm wide.
  4. If one roll isn't enough to cover the entire window, the film can in most cases be butt joined with a second roll. Please note that for most of our film the entire window doesn't need to be covered. It can also be nice to build up panels leaving a small gap between.

Tools Required

For a successful installation you will need:

  • window cleaner
  • cloth
  • tape measure
  • application kit (craft knife & squeegee)
  • metal edge ruler
  • craft mat
  • pen

To achieve the best result we recommend that the window film is applied with our application kit. The applicator has a velvet edge which gives a smooth application that won't damage the surface.

Save time and order from our carefully selected tools.


The window film is very easy to apply, just:

  1. clean your windows
  2. measure the windows and cut the film to the desired dimensions, leaving 2m gap around all edges
  3. spray your windows with water and a few drops of wash up liquid
  4. remove the backing paper (Yes there is one!)
  5. place the the film on the glass surface (2mm minimum from the edge) and glide it into position
  6. start from the centre and squeeze out all water with a squeegee
  7. wipe dry with a towel.

If you would like to know more about window film we recommend that you read our FAQs. For tips and tricks on how apply, care and remove your window film watch our installation tutorials.

This video shows how you apply static cling window film.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

How to care for you window film

  • Clean with soapy water or normal window cleaner and a damp cloth.
  • Avoid using cleaning products containing chlorine that can bleach or discolour the film.

Troubleshooting guide

These are the most common reasons why the window film doesn't stay up:

1. The backing paper isn't removed. There is one even if it doesn't look like one. It's clear in colour.
2. The film is touching the edges somewhere. If it does, air will appear underneath and it will lose its cling. It's safest to leave a minimum of a 2-5mm gap so it doesn't touch the window seal.
3. The window film is applied to a textured glass. If it is, air will come underneath and it will lose its cling. Instead use a self-adhesive film for those surfaces.
4. The glass has already got some kind of film on it (e.g. UV protection / tint etc).
5. Not enough water has been sprayed on the glass surface during application. The more the better to achieve a better cling. Then make sure you squeeze out as much water as possible and let the sun burn off the rest. (Maybe keep the window closed for a day or so until the sun has done its part)
6. The wrong side of the window film is facing the window. Make sure it's the cling side. It's nice and smooth.
7. The windows are not properly cleaned before application. Make sure they are cleaned from grease and dust. This goes for the film too if it's being reapplied or has been applied to a not fully clean window.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Heather, Russell
Excellent product - perfect for obscuring bathroom window without loss of light

We didn’t want to put a blind or curtain into our small bach bathroom, but the main window is immediately adjacent to the parking area so there was no privacy inside the bathroom. The window film is very easy to apply and works a treat. We chose frost film, which lets daylight through, but even at night with the light on the window glass is completely opaque so you can’t see into the bathroom from outside. It was a perfect solution for privacy.

Wayne Lawrence
Wouldn't amend my order

The product is good but I made an error on my order size, realized immediately and emailed Vinyl Home within minutes. They emailed back, "no sorry, your order has already been processed". They didn't even try to correct my order it seems.

Haim Ainsworth
Perfect Product

Just moved into a house with close neighbours. Our bedrooms face their living spaces. So this allows us to still have adequate daylight without worrying too much about being observed. Particularly as we have a teen, I’m happier knowing they’re not scaring the neighbours!

Easy to apply with the right tool.

It serves it's purpose very well. I couldn't roll it out slowly to apply as mine was a long horizontal application and it just didn't work. Unrolling it worked fine. Applying it and removing the bubbles was time consuming UNTIL I found the perfect tool, the window cleaning blade - see photos. So easy to remove all the bubbles using that! I didn't find this out until roll four lol. Initially I bought the wrong item and they credited me toward this item, the correct one. Excellent customer service - thank you.

Karen M Young
Won't stay up

Just keeps falling down waste of money


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