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The Importance of Organising Your Drawers and Cupboards for a Safer Home

Now that the kids are back at school, it’s the perfect time to start organising your home. One area that often gets overlooked is drawers and cupboards. They can quickly become cluttered and disorganised, making it difficult to find what you need. But did you know that an organised home is also a safer home? Keep reading to discover the benefits of function grip shelf liners and their anti-slip qualities.


1. Reduced Movement:

So many kitchens these days have deep drawers which we pull out to get to our crockery and glassware. Many of these drawers have shiny surfaces so we often find that our glasses move or even fall over in the drawer and smash. This is not only dangerous but it is also costly when you have breakages. The use of a non-slip mat will stop the movement and cheat gravity to keep your items in place.

Function Grip Shelf Liner

2. DeClutter:

Organising your drawers and cupboards can help reduce accidents in your home. Cluttered drawers make it easy for items to shift around and fall out when opened. By sorting your drawers and adding some non-slip grip liners provides a stable surface that keeps items in place, and avoids the need for clutter.

Function Grip Shelf Liner

3. Increased Cleanliness:

Have you ever looked at your kitchen drawers and wondered how so many crumbs got in there? It can be frustrating especially when you have glassware. One of the ways to help reduce your glasses getting dirty rims is to put them onto some non-slip drawer liners which have a mesh effect allowing the small crumbs to fall between the lines. They can also be easily removed from the drawer and washed with your laundry at 40 degrees celsius for ultimate hygiene and can be used time and time again.

Food Safe Grip - Shelf Liner

4. Maximise Space:

An organised drawer or cupboard utilises space more efficiently than a cluttered one. By stacking items inside each other and making sure everything has a place allows you to store more items safely. You can cut the shelf liner to size and place it inside or in between your crockery to protect it and stop the scratches.

Function Grip - Shelf Liner

5. Easy to Install:

Non-slip grip liners are easy to install, making it a quick and hassle-free process to organise your drawers and cupboards. Simply measure the area you wish to cover, cut the liner to size, and place it in the drawer or cupboard.

Shelf Liner

Function grips are not only good to use in your home there are also the perfect accompaniment on motor homes, caravans and boats. They prevent movement during transit, ensuring fragile items don't get damaged while on the road or high seas. Additionally, they are great at maximising storage space in small areas such as cabinets and shelves.

In conclusion, organising your drawers and cupboards is an important step towards creating a safer home. By using non-slip grip liners, you can reduce accidents caused by shifting items while also maximising storage space. Additionally, they’re a great addition for homes on the move as they help prevent breakages during transit. There are also other non slip items that you can get for your home for under rugs and carpets on hardwood floors and non-slip grips for in bath tubs and shower rooms.  So why not take some time today to organise your home? Your future self will thank you!




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