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Anti-slip Grip | Clear Dots Stickers - 10 Pack

Product Details

Package Size: 10 dots

Grip Size: 8cm x 8cm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Tools included:Applicator
Colour: Clear
Material: PEVA, Self-adhesive acrylic gel, Release paper

Prevent slips and falls with our Anti-slip Grip Clear Dots Stickers. Specifically designed to offer maximum grip on slippery surfaces such as floors, decking timber, stairs, and boats, the clear dot stickers will make surfaces more secure and safe. Don't let slips get in your way, get your anti-slip stickers today.


  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Waterproof
  • Skidproof
  • Strong Viscosity

Where to install

  • showers
  • bath tubs
  • slippery floors
  • stairs
  • ladders
  • pool edges
  • boats
  • decking timber


This is how you install anti-slip grip stickers:

  1. Clean: Clean the surface with a good grease remover like sugar soap. Let it dry completely
  2. Peel: Peel the backing paper from the sticker and apply it to the surface
  3. Stick: Use a spatula or squeegee and push out all the air
  4. Enjoy: Let the stickers bond with the surface for 24h before use
  5. Maintenance: Can be cleaned with a brush and water.

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