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All you need to Know about Window Film

Let’s be honest, windows are often overlooked when it comes to home decoration. But window films are steadily becoming a necessity more than a luxury in many homes as it’s a cost-effective way to boost your privacy and add decoration. It is also a great substitute or complement to blinds and curtains.

In this blog we address some of the most common asked questions so you can purchase the right window film for your home.

What is Window Film?

Our vinyl window film is imported from Europe and can be used for privacy, decoration, safety or to protect furnishings from UV. It is applied to the inside of windows, acrylic glass and can also be used on mirrors. There are two types of film: static and self adhesive but we would recommend using the static as it is much easier to apply. All window film can be applied to flat and smooth glass surfaces (including acrylic glass and mirrors) and is easy to remove.

How do I know what window film is right for me?

There are two things to consider before you make your choice:

  1. What is the purpose of the window film? Is it for privacy, decoration, safety or uv protection?
  2. What surface am I applying the window film to? Smooth or structured glass?

Once you know the answer to these questions then you can start narrowing down your choices. If privacy is important to you then you should look at the premium static cling designs as these are non see through. If it’s all about the decoration then you can view options such as Charis and Amena,or Jane and if the film is for safety then we have the splinter protection film available. Take a look at the full range here.


How easy is it to apply?

The film is very easy to apply. Simply measure, cut, spray and squeegee! Just remember you must have a clean dust free surface for a smooth application and if you make a mistake the static cling can be easily removed and reapplied but once the self adhesive film is applied you can’t re-apply it - so make sure you are fully prepared. Take a look at this video where you can see how static cling window film is applied.

Does window film protect my furnishings? 

If you want to protect your furnishings from the powerful NZ sun then the sun protection film is a great choice. It is a see through film that is designed to decrease the heat of the room and block out the UV rays. It is not completely clear so you do notice that there is a film on your windows and the view gets slightly blurry but it doesn't block out any unwanted observers.

The other alternative is a tinted film that also blocks out the UV rays and heat. In the  daytime when it's lighter outside it blocks the views so that people can't see in. However if you have the lights on at night then people will be able to see in. This film also makes the room a bit darker.

Can the window film be removed?

Yes it can. For static cling window film, simply find a corner and pull off the film. It can then be re-used as many times as you like. For self-adhesive film you will have to pull slowly from one corner. Any glue residue can be cleaned off with soapy warm water and a cloth or methylated spirits.

So in summary window film is a great way to not only add privacy to your home but also add some protection and decoration. We are also finding that more and more commercial businesses are using it internally in their offices providing privacy in meeting rooms without having to replace expensive glass.


To take a look at the range of window films please head over to our website at


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