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The Myths about Vinyl

The word ‘Vinyl’ is an off-putting concept for many people who can’t help but associate it with bad taste and 1970s kitchens. Unfortunately, there are countless myths surrounding vinyl, which mean it has a bit of a bad rep, but times have moved on and so has technology. In this blog, the Vinyl Home team discuss these old vinyl myths – and will not only enlighten you on what’s available but may just change your mind!

It’s outdated and ugly

Yep it’s true, in the ‘70s, vinyl was popular, especially vinyl flooring. It was often used and installed badly and contributed to a particularly unappealing flat design that came in one piece.

Today, however, we have seen a big comeback in vinyl products and it’s making its way into more and more home interiors. There is a selection of beautiful, interesting designs that are now seen as commonplace. Modern printing techniques allow luxury vinyl tiling to look incredibly realistic. From stone to wood, vinyl can replicate just about anything.

You only have to look at our vinyl wall tiles to see the range of colours, designs and textures to see how far vinyl has come. The realistic textures and shine on the 3D gel tiles has to be seen to be believed and the texture on the brick tiles is so realistic you have to look twice! The sticky back plastic vinyl is perfect for refreshing your kitchen counters and cupboards. And it’s not just wall tiles the vinyl floor tile designs are big and bold and anything but ugly!


You can’t get it wet

Once again, the myth about vinyl not reacting well to water comes directly from the idea that vinyl is an old-fashioned, low-end material. While it’s true that the cheap roll-out vinyl of old would bubble and curl at the edges when used in a bathroom – or even the kitchen – that just isn’t the case anymore.

Today’s modern luxury vinyl is water resistant and designed to be used in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. The tiles are ideal for splashbacks, the vinyl film for countertops and cabinets and the floor tiles for any floor in your house including hallways. If you spill water on them then simply mop up just like you would on any other surface. You can even get vinyl tiles that you can use in a wet room.

It’s a low-end, cheap alternative

This vinyl myth – as usual – goes back to the old-fashioned view and one that is heavily based around vinyl flooring, an outdated material only fit for your granny’s bungalow. Many people believe that vinyl flooring is just the cheapest option out there, will shrink and never last.

But that once again is a myth. Infact vinyl flooring is estimated to grow nearly $30 billion within the next three years, making it a top flooring choice for many designers. Whilst all vinyl shrinks as soon as it's been manufactured, d-c-fix has achieved an impressive score in tests when it comes to shrinkage giving us peace of mind that what we are selling is of the highest quality. The improved design possibilities and installation technology has completely transformed the way people think and the finishes are now more stain–, scuff– and dirt–resistant improving the long–term performance and durability of the product. It can even take heat upto 75 degrees!

Most manufacturers also offer products with adhesive backings resulting in faster installation. This quicker install means less money spent on labor and less downtime so you can start enjoying your new home sooner.

It looks fake

It’s true back in the day vinyl designs were not seen as a great work of art, they were produced as a low end option for homeowners. The designs were often poorly produced and the colours unnatural.

But this has all changed and vinyl has now become not only used for flooring but is now being used for wall tiles and countertops. Technology has had a huge part to play in this and has enabled manufacturers to produce a product that is so realistic that it is hard to tell apart from the real products. Take a look at our marble sticky back plastic for instance, this is often used to resurface tables and benchtops. The product is easy to work with and looks so realistic that even when people touch it they are not sure if it is real or not.


The same goes for flooring: the new vintage tile range is super easy to install and looks just like real ceramic floor tiles.

Vinyl is just for floors

Many people would turn their noses up at the word vinyl when it comes to home improvements and renovations. It has always been associated with cheap flooring and to some extent still is today.

But as we have just read, the vinyl world is so much more than just flooring. Vinyl can now be used in many different areas of your home with high quality products for walls, floors, countertops and windows. It is an affordable option which can be installed yourself.

Bad for the environment

Back in the day when products were made out of convenience Vinyl was known to contain asbestos and other nasty chemicals. Today it depends on where you get the product from and what you consider to be environmentally friendly in the long term.

Our vinyl does not contain any heavy metals or nasty chemicals, is solvent free and is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, which is not always the case with different manufacturers. So just make sure that the quality of your vinyl you're buying is safe.

We also think of ourselves as being eco-friendly because our products give people the opportunity to reuse/repurpose kitchen units, tables and furniture instead of replacing it and sending it to landfill!

Hard to apply with that sticky glue

“It’s so hard to apply with that awful sticky glue and I can never get the air bubbles out!” This is something we have heard over and over again and unfortunately it is true of some cheaper vinyl products in the marketplace.

But glue technology has come a long way just like vinyl and our products are now water based and solvent free. They are low tack and allow for adjustment during application which gives you the opportunity to adjust should you need to.

Also when it comes to window film the new static cling is revolutionary and is a much more user friendly film. No glue is used, just simply spray on some water and attach the film to your window. It really is that easy and when you want to remove it you just peel it off. It’s magic!

To conclude

Without repeating ourselves vinyl has come a long way since the 70’s, not only in design but in durability, comfort and style. Vinyl is now seen as a product that can be used in so many places, is affordable and can be easily installed. It’s a very feasible option for lot’s of homeowners and should definitely be a consideration when looking at renovating your home. Plus the d-c fix brand has a 50 year success story and their high quality sets the standards in their market. It is manufactured in Germany and complies with the European REACH standard.


Take a look at the website and get inspired.


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