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Welcome to the Family

Every homeowner is constantly looking for new ways to update their home decor without spending too much money. The great news is, you don't need to break the bank or hire professionals to make your home look amazing. The versatile family of Vinyl Home products is a fantastic option for homeowners who are looking for DIY home improvement projects. From tiles to wallpaper to window films, you can revamp your home's look, and the best part is; you don't need to be a professional to do it - you just need to join the family!

Meet the Parents

Wall Tiles - Decorative wall tiles really are the head of the family and some would say the leader in the pack, the parents of vinyl!

In days gone by if anyone mentioned vinyl then flooring would have been the immediate association but today vinyl is becoming known not just for its versatility but for its quality and realism. Self adhesive wall tiles are a fantastic option for those who want to add a new touch of style to their homes quickly. When you think of tiles, you may think that the project would be complicated, but with peel and stick vinyl tiles, you can make your project a breeze. These tiles are easy to install, and they can transform any wall in your home. The best part is that these tiles are moisture-resistant, which makes them perfect for your bathroom or kitchen. They are also a proven product and as long as you do your research (like any good parent would do) and choose a quality brand then your home could be transformed in a day!

Wall Tiles

Meet the Children

Sticky Back Plastic - A family is made up of lots of children and in the Vinyl Home family it's no different. So often we give our children nicknames where they are happy to answer to both and sticky back plastic is similar. It is known by many names like "contact paper”, “vinyl film” and fablon”. Same product, just a different name!

Sticky back plastic has been around for a while but like all kids it has evolved and developed over the years. In its infancy it was hard to work with, messy and frustrating, but along with technology the product has advanced and has become a vinyl product that has many practical uses. From revamping your kitchen cabinets, adding a new touch to your countertops, decorating your tables and doors – the list to decorate your home is endless!

Sticky Back Plastic

Meet the Grandparents

Wallpaper - Grandparents are often seen as traditional and sometimes old but spend some time getting to know them and you will be amazed at what you discover. Wallpaper is similar; it has been around for years as a decorating solution but was seen as an ‘older’ solution when it came to decorating your home - something you would see in your grannies flat! People were also intimidated from using it due to the complicated installation. But, with the advent of vinyl wallpaper, the process is now much more manageable and it can be applied over existing tiles due to the thickness of the vinyl.  One other thing you'll notice while shopping for wallpaper is the range of designs and patterns available. Whether you're looking for something contemporary or traditional, classic or bold, you'll find that there are unlimited options to choose from at Vinyl Home.


Meet the Brother

Window Film - We can’t pick our siblings but it’s fair to say that most brothers are real characters. They come in all shapes and sizes and although annoying at first usually develop into someone you can rely on, have fun with and trust over and over again. Window film has many similar traits. Traditionally window film used a self adhesive glue (which could be tricky to install) but with recent developments many window films now use static technology to stick to your windows. Which means that it’s super easy to install and can be used time and time again. With just a few simple changes to your windows, you can make a huge difference in the visual aesthetics of your home. Self-adhesive window film is another trendy option for updating your home and provides instant privacy in your home. Take a look at the range of films at Vinyl Home.

Meet the Sister

Peel & Stick Hub - Sisters are often said to be loyal and strong and have a bond that can’t be broken. And we stand by that. For years Vinyl Home has been the leader in the vinyl marketplace in NZ offering quality products from Europe. But lately the popularity of these products has seen another type of vinyl enter the market - a much thinner and cheaper model. After years of building up the reputation of vinyl products we did not want consumers to be put off when the renovation did not look quite as good as they had hoped so we developed an alternative. A product that was still good quality but one that could compete with the cheaper models - meet our sister; The Peel & Stick Hub.

The Peel & Stick Hub offers affordable DIY solutions for your home. Unlike Vinyl Home our sister does not offer a range of vinyl but has focused primarily on wall tiles. These wall tile designs offer homes the opportunity to transform rooms into fresh modern spaces that will easily impress your mother-in-law. The tile collections include the classic subway tile, herringbone tile, kit kat tile and hexagon shaped tile.

One of the main differences with the tiles offered at the hub is that they are 2mm thick (unlike many of our competitors) - this provides better coverage and can hide some of the wall's imperfections. Making the job easier for you and better for your home!

Peel and Stick

One Big Happy Family

In conclusion, Vinyl Home products have become increasingly popular for homeowners because of their convenience, versatility, and affordability. From tiles to wallpaper to sticky back plastic and window film, these products are incredibly easy to install, come in a variety of designs to fit your unique style. Most importantly, these products are DIY-friendly, which means you can complete the project alone and save a lot of money you'd have spent on professional installation. So, if you're looking to update your home, go ahead and embrace the versatility of Vinyl Home products – go ahead and join the family!


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