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Block out your neighbours

  • 2 min read

This is the view from my shower if I don't lock the bathroom door properly. I'm sure any parent with young children can relate.



Today I decided to put an end to these rather shocking experiences, when you all of a sudden realise you're totally exposed! This also gave me an excuse to finally get around to clean my windows.


First I measured the width of the windows. Then I cut the window film 4 mm shorter than the window to allow for a gap of 2 mm on each side.



Now I filled up a bottle of water with one drip of wash-up liquid and sprayed the window.



I attached the film to the window with the flat side towards the window. The liquid made it easy for the film to slide into the right position.



Last step was to squeeze out the water from the centre to the sides with a window scrape. 



I then repeated all the steps for my other window.



Lessons learned from this project


  • For a perfect finish pay extra care when measuring and cutting the film.
  • The window film doesn't come with a backing paper so I used a whiteboard marker to mark out where I wanted to cut the film. The residue from the marking pen was easy to wipe off with a wet cloth.


Skill level


Applying static cling window film is so easy that anyone can do it. This is an entry level project.


I'm totally satisfied with the result. Best of all it actually looks like real glass! Now please tell me what you think?