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Vinyl: the ultimate backdrop for flatlays

It is probably fair to say that never before have we taken so many photos. We capture our children, document our food and flatlay our purchases to show off on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Snap, snap, snap! People invest more time in props, styling and backdrops. 

Marble vinyl as a back drop styled with pink flowers and vases

Vinyl backdrop - Marble Marmi Grey: photo by @prettycreativestyle on Instagram


We are constantly getting requests from businesses, professional photographers and happy amateurs who want to use our 90cm wide vinyl as backdrops to enhance their images. So in this post I'll show you how effective a few sheets of vinyl can be to create the perfect background. 

First some great advice and inspirational photos from the talented Selena who runs @prettycreativestyle on Instagram. She is using vinyl from us in some of her photo styling. Here are her Top 5 tips for how to be successful with backdrops:

  1. Quality backdrops are the basis for quality photos.
  2. For Instagram it's great having a variety of backdrop choices to go with different shoots.
  3. The backdrop sets the tone for the shoot. So depending on what you are photographing in the foreground the selection of the background needs to match the overall theme.
  4. I try not to make the backdrop the prominent feature. Any patterns that are too dominating can detract from the items that you are styling.
  5. If styled well, a large exposed area of 'blank space' where the backdrop is exposed can make for a very effective styling technique.


Rustic oak vinyl flatlay with pink scarf and a cup of tea

Vinyl backdrop - Rustic: photo by @prettycreativestyle on Instagram


Selena has taken some photos with our static cling window film, which lets the light through in a beautiful way.  


Icecube window film as backdrop and flower pots to the sides

Vinyl backdrop - Icecube Grey Static Cling: photo by @prettycreativestyle on Instagram


Flatlay with vinyl as a Backdrop

Below you can see a typical photo scene that I use when I want to create a flatlay. I have attached a large vinyl sheet to a thin MDF board (I use the backside for another pattern). I recommend to have a few boards with different vinyl patterns so that you can pick the right pattern for the theme. 

Flatlay set up on a wooden board on the floor with a tray and a coffee

 This is how the photo turned out. As you can see the nice wood grain vinyl backdrop looks like a wooden coffee table and that was just the look I was aiming for. 

Concrete hexagon tray with coffee and hexagon coasters in various vinyl

Vinyl backdrop - Sanremo Oak Sand

Below are a few more examples from New Zealand businesses using our vinyl in their flatlays. 
 4 different flatlays with various wood grain vinyl as backdrop displaying make up and fashion products

Top row from left; Vinyl backdrop - Santana Oak Lime & Sheffield Oak Umbra: photo by @wendyhillcosmeticsnz on Instagram Bottom row from left; Vinyl backdrop - Blackwood & Pino Aurelo Bright: photo by @decorhandled on Instagram


Seamless Vinyl Backdrop

Below you can see another little trick you can do with vinyl, if you would like to create a backdrop effect similar to what professional photographers use in their studios. 
 Seamless background effect with grey marble vinyl displaying wood triangle

Vinyl backdrop: Marble Marmi Grey​

  1. Fold back a few centimetres of the backing paper and apply the sticky bit to the wall. 
  2. Place your object on the vinyl
  3. Get in close and snap your photo
  4. Remove the vinyl from the wall again

This is how the photo turned out. As you can see there is no horizontal line on the backdrop, which is what I was aiming for in this picture. 

 Wooden mountain displayed on marble marmi grey vinyl

Combining Multiple Vinyl Backdrops

Using different types of vinyl as backdrops in the same photo can create a very effectful image. In this photo the brick tile is attached to the wall. The wood grain and mirror effect film are placed on MDF boards.

Wooden toy cameras on wooden floor in front of red brick wall and mirror to the right

Vinyl backdrop: Red Brick, Sanremo Oak Sand and Mirror Effect Film

If you have any cool ideas on how to use vinyl in your photos I'd love to hear about it. 


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