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Sun Protection Film - 90cm x 2m

Product information:

  • sold by roll (90cm x 2m)
  • 45% reduction of direct irradiation
  • reflects away heat
  • extremely high level of light transmission
  • adheres with static technology. No glue!
  • easy to apply with a squeegee without getting any air bubbles
  • gives 99% UV protection
  • protects your furnishings from fading
  • easy to wipe clean
  • easy to remove
  • can be reused over and over again
  • environmentally manufactured

If you are after to reflect away some of the heat from sun, protect your furnishings from fading but still be able to look out through the windows, this is probably the film for you. It is 90cm x 2m.  It is important that you cover the entire window to avoid a temperature difference in the glass. This film comes with a backing paper on each side of the film. Package includes smoother and craft knife. 

Please note that the film will appear a bit yellow the first few days after application. This will fade. It's also important to be aware that the film may appear a bit blurry due to its heat reflective properties. It is see through but it is not as clear as glass. 

To find out if this film is suitable for your windows we recommend that you order a sample first and try it out on your windows. You will see how easy it is to apply,  clean, remove and even reuse! Just:

  1. spray your windows with water and a few drops of wash up liquid
  2. remove the first backing paper
  3. place the the film on the glass surface (2mm minimum from the edge) and glide it into position
  4. start from the centre and squeeze out all water with a squeegee
  5. wipe dry with a towel
  6. remove the second backing paper.

You can read more about window film application here. This video shows how you apply the window film.

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