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Try before you buy!

It is not unusual that our customer choose a different design than they first thought once they have matched it with their existing decor.

Get a sample for as low as $1.50 and check the colour, texture and quality.

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Samples Window Film - Static

Our static cling window film are ideal for the bedroom, bathroom, shower screens, kitchen, office or the narrow window at the front door where everyone can see straight through. It is also suitable as décor on glass doors and mirrors.

If you are unsure of what pattern to choose or if static cling is right for your windows, we recommend that you order a sample first. 

Static cling works best on plain glass or mirrors. This is because it needs a completely flat surface to cling on to. If air appears between the glass and the window film, the film may not cling on to the window. 

We often get asked if our static cling will work on other surfaces like curved windows, textured windows, tiles, stone, treated windows, acrylic windows and glass splash backs. In all these cases we suggest that you purchase a sample and try it out. 

Some of the designs on our window films are unfortunately too big to fully show on a sample. However, a sample gives you the opportunity to feel the product, and try out the static cling on your windows. You will see how easy it is to apply, remove and reuse.