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Get all the tools you need for your DIY vinyl installation. Buy & Save with our tool bundle deals.

Edge Trims for Wall Tiles

Complete your self-adhesive wall tiling job with smart accessories.

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Shopping for someone else? Treat them with a DIY gift card and let them select their favourite the design.

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Samples Plain Colour Adhesive Vinyl

Our plain colour range are very popular for kitchen and bathroom renovations and accessories around the home. You can easily cut out your own decals with our vinyl. Either use a vinyl cutter / silhouette cutter or draw your image on the backing paper and cut. The self-adhesive vinyl is durable and both water and alcohol resistant, easy to wipe clean and takes heat up to 75°C. 

The plain colour sticky back plastic is made in three different roll width: 45cm, 67.5cm and 90cm wide. The most common size for this category is 45cm but we stock some of the other widths for the most popular colours.  If you are tossing up between matte and glossy finish we recommend that you try a sample of both first. They are in general suitable for the same projects. However you may find that the glossy version hides more imperfection of the surface, is easier to clean due to it's glossy surface and it's also slightly thicker than the matte finish. 

We recommend that you try out the sample on the surface that you intend to apply it to. Touch the glue and see how easy the vinyl is to apply. The glue requires air for it to activate. This makes it possible for the vinyl to be repositioned during application. It will take up to a week until the glue reaches it fullest strength. You don't need to add any extra glue, just leave it and wait! The glue is water based and solvent free so no nasty chemicals.