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Try before you buy!

It is not unusual that our customer choose a different design than they first thought once they have matched it with their existing decor.

Get a sample for as low as $1.50 and check the colour, texture and quality.

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Plain Colour Matte

Our plain colours are hugely popular for kitchen and bathroom makeovers. It's so easy to create a modern fresh look with sticky back plastic.  Apply the d-c-fix® sticky back plastic on drawers, walls, chairs, boxes or anything else you can think of. Mix and match the colours with some of our other designs. Tips! Cut your own decals in geometrical shapes like triangles, circles or hexagons in different colours and liven up your home. Cut them either by hand by first drawing / tracing on the backing paper or use a vinyl cutter / silhouette or even a  shape puncher. Please make sure you check the description and measurements on the listing before ordering.