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Whitewood | Adhesive Vinyl - 67.5cm x 2m

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Product Details

Roll size: 67.5cm x 2m
Printed and embossed PVC film, Adhesive (solvent-free), Siliconised backing paper

Achieve a luxurious and timeless look with this Whitewood design! Perfect for crafting, this pattern is in high demand amongst our customers. Boasting an authentic wood grain effect with an attractive embossed finish, this roll of white vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. Not to mention, it's also available in 45cm and 90cm widths!



  • sold as a roll
  • can be used on nearly any clean and dry flat surface
  • durable
  • easy to apply
  • takes heat up to 75°C
  • water & alcohol resistant
  • environmentally friendly manufactured
  • low tack glue that allows for adjustments during application

The d-c-fix Sticky Back Plastic is a premium self-adhesive vinyl film that is easy to apply to furniture, doors, walls, bench tops, appliances and more.

If you are unsure of what design to choose for your project, we recommend that you order a sample first.

Size Guide

Follow these steps to calculate how much self-adhesive vinyl a project requires:

  1. Measure the width of the surface including the edges you would like to cover. Add 8cm for the excess trim. This determines the width of the roll you require (eg 54cm wide surface + 8cm trim = 62cm. Round this up to the closest roll width which is a 67.5cm wide roll).
  2. Measure the length of all surfaces including the edges you would like to cover and add 8cm of excess trim for each surface. This determines how many meters you need. (e.g 170cm + 8cm = 178cm (1.78m). Round this up to the closes roll length which is a 2m long roll.
  3. The standard sizes of the rolls are 2m and 15m. It is best to use one length for each surface. If you need to add two pieces together then our wood grain designs will hide the joins the best.
  4. We always recommend to add a bit extra than what you need as sometimes mistakes happen, although we prefer to call them practice rounds.
  5. If you are unsure, we are always happy to help. Please send us your images and measurements of each surface.

Here is a general guide of approximately how much vinyl the most common projects require:

Appliance: 67.5cm x 2m or 1.5m roll
Fridge, dishwasher, washing machine
Bathroom Vanity: 2 x 45cm x 2m roll
Small single vanity with two doors and two side panels
Bench top: 67.5cm x 2m roll
Standard bench top 1.8m long x 60cm wide
Chest of Drawers: 3 x 45cm x 2m roll
3 large drawers outside dimensions max D: 40cm, H: 90cm, W: 90cm
Dining Table: 90cm x 2.1m roll
2m long and up to 85cm wide
Kitchen Cupboards: 67.5cm x 15m roll
Medium sized: 2 tall cupboards, 6 small cupboards and 3 side panels and kick-boards

Tools Required

For a successful installation you will need:

  • grease remover (e.g. sugar soap)
  • tape measure
  • application kit (craft knife & squeegee)
  • pen

To achieve the best result we recommend that the sticky back plastic is applied with our application kit. The applicator has a velvet edge which gives a smooth application that won't damage the surface.

Save time and order from our carefully selected tools.


The vinyl is very easy to apply just:

  1. start with a clean and completely dry surface
  2. fold down a few cm of the backing paper and stick the exposed area to the surface
  3. pull the backing paper with one hand and use a squeegee in the other hand
  4. start from the centre and squeeze out all the air with the squeegee.
  5. cut off any excess vinyl with a sharp utility knife

If you would like to know more about sticky back plastic we recommend that you read our FAQs. For tips and tricks on how tow wrap corners, curved surfaces, bench tops, cupboards and other different application methods watch our installation tutorials or check out our YouTube Channel for advanced hacks.

This video shows how you apply the self-adhesive film to a bench top.


Follow these tips to care for your vinyl and get the longest length out of it:

  • Clean with non-abrasive products. A damp cloth and soapy water is recommended.
  • Avoid cleaning products containing chlorine or anything that can bleach the vinyl
  • Avoid food with strong colouring like turmeric and curry spices, grinded coffee, food colouring and tomato sauce as they may stain the surface
  • Never put anything that is warmer than 75°C directly on the vinyl surface. Pots directly from the stove are too hot but a cuppa is generally fine
  • Use coasters and trivets to protect the surface from heat
  • Use cutting boards at all times and lift objects instead of shuffle them to avoid scratching the surface.
  • The vinyl can be used in damp rooms but seal the edges if they’re in direct contact with water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Greg Shuttleworth

Hello there, I purchased some Whitewood Vinyl (order #33773) from you guys based on the colour on your website. Well I must say I'm extremely disappointed.
On your website the pictures of the "Whitewood Vinyl" shows it as having a grey tinge to the wood grain, thats why I brought it......
It turned up, well, well, well, there is no grey tinge to it, it is white on white on white....... Basically Donny Osmonds teeth....
Please change your photos / pictures of the Whitewood Vinyl to show its true colour, white on white on grey tinge.
I would have sent it back, but I opened it, to late......
As said, extremely disappointed, should have brought some Wharehouse China Vinyl for $7.50 a roll, I went in and seen the colours i wanted.
Thought I would buy yours of you as yours are made in Germany, not China...
Anyway, thats that.....
Sad Greg

Hi Greg, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We do recommend to order samples first to ensure you're happy with the product, as sometimes the colour does differ on screens or mobile device. We're sorry the colour of our Whitewood vinyl wasn't as you had expected. Please feel free to email us to see if we can resolve this for you. Thanks!

Karen Buchanan
Sample Whitewood Wood Grain Sticky Back Plastic

Very nice product - came a close second to the one we eventually chose (Nordic Elm)

Birgit Schonberger
Loooove it

I am a lover of upcycling anything!
I decided to trial the marble print vinyl on a piece I had upcycled as a kitchen island between dining room and kitchen. I needed to bring the 2 rooms together yet also seperate them. I also upycled a second hand kitchen and wanted to see if the product would.match what I had so purchased samples. I am absolutley stoked with the results! The sample packs are perfect well priced and prevent spending unecessary money as well as avoiding a return process for everyone, packages arrived quickly so my enthusiasm was still fresh 🤗 Love the product and am now a fan😁 It worked a treat and saved literally thousands🤗

Beautiful Vinyl

Such a nice vinyl wrap. It's bright white but with the nice woodgrain texture in it. It's perfect for the roof and walls of our vintage caravan to refresh it, making the green really pop. Fast shipping as well, thanks Vinyl Home!

Kimberly L.
Stunning, transformed our bench

We have re-done our whole kitchen and we loved it so much ordered some more to do another bench! So quick and easy to make a small change to our home :)


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