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What’s Hot when it comes to Wall Tiles?

Wall tiles have been around forever, whether they are ceramic or vinyl they all have a place in most people's homes. You can use tiles everywhere from bathrooms and kitchens, laundry rooms and most recently as accent walls in open plan spaces. Basically you can use a tile wherever you like these days.

Manufacturers have worked hard to create a wide array of colours and textures that will suit most decors. And the new world of peel and stick vinyl tiles is really taking the industry by storm. No longer is tiling an expensive and messy project having to get tradies in to install and grout your wall. Now you can simply renovate in a few hours with the DIY peel and stick wall tiles!

We all know that finding the perfect tile for your home can be tricky and customers often look to Pinterest, Houzz and google for inspiration. At Vinyl Home we are always looking at the different types and styles of tile available and have built up a fabulous collection of on trend products. Take a look at this blog where we explore the latest shapes and patterns that are trending right now.

Classic Shapes

The classic Subway tiles was created in the early 1900s for subway stations. Today they’re one of the most popular tiles used in the home. They are available in a variety of colors and almost always installed horizontally. They are usually plain in colour with the grouting being a contrast such as white subway with a light grey grout. Check out our subway and metro tiles.


The square tile is also making a big come back. Whether it’s in a classic white or the new deep vibrant colours reminiscent of the Mediterranean these tiles are perfect for splashbacks. The classic shape is a safe bet and it’s really easy to install. Take a look at the new Zellige tiles and our Square tile range.


Grace your home with the definitive angles of geometric tiles. People used to shy away from these tiles as they were more expensive to install due to the time it took a tiler to grout in between the tiles. Nowadays this is not the case as you can DIY that splashback yourself by simply peeling and sticking! It goes without saying that the most popular geometric shape is the hexagon, be it small or large the effect can certainly wow a room. But it’s not just the hexagon tile that has made a comeback, the chevron tile is also very popular now providing that stylish kitchen splashback! Take a look at the full range HERE.


Mosaic tiles were definitely a fashionable trend in the late 60’s early 70’s but as technology has developed over the years the small mosaic tile is back and it’s not just in squares. The new mosaic tiles come in hexagons, squares and now in circles too. The Penny design is a new trend that is not only modern and chic it looks fabulous on any bathroom wall. Take a look at the Penny range today.



One of the hottest new trends in wall tiles is dominating the covers of designer magazines are patterned wall tiles. These decorative wall tiles come in many styles including Retro, vintage, farmhouse chic, Moroccan wall tiles and more. Adding these to a room can take your decor from drab to fab in no time at all.

These patterns are great for any room but many interior designers are making a statement with them as an accent wall or a block of colour. Think under the kitchen bench, around the fireplace or simply as a feature in a hallway or lounge.

Whatever you decide, these patterns are bold and look fabulous, so don’t shy away from the trend, embrace it with both hands and make that statement in your home. Shop our vintage wall tiles HERE.