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FREE NZ delivery over $199, AUSTRALIA: from NZ$15.


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Non Skid Products That You Need in your Home

We all like to know that our home is safe but accidents happen and it’s often after the event that we say “I wish we had thought about having some non-slip grips…” but by then it’s too late. At Vinyl Home we have a range of non-skid products that are high quality and prevent slips and falls. From kitchen drawers and cupboards to carpets and outdoor areas, non-skid products are an effective way to prevent accidents in the home.

Non skid products for kitchen drawers and cupboards

The kitchen is one area of the home that demands some thought especially when it comes to storage. Drawer liners are an effective way to keep your utensils and kitchen equipment in place, especially when it comes to glassware and sharp knives. The non-slip shelf liners are a great way to prevent dishes and pans from slipping and falling out of cupboards especially if they are above head height or in a large drawer. By laying the non-slip liner down it helps keep these items in place and prevents objects from falling over and smashing.

Non Skid Shelf Liner

There is also a transparent food safe liner that is perfect to keep your food in one place or they can be used for food prepping and baking. They come in one size but can easily be cut to fit with scissors.

Food Safe Liner

Non-slip products for rugs on carpets and hardwood floors

Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of a rug that just won’t stay put. Not only is it annoying to have to constantly rearrange a rug, but it can also be dangerous. A non-slip rug underlay is an easy solution to this problem. These pads create a non-slip barrier between your rug and the floor, keeping it in place. At Vinyl Home we have two types - one for hard floors such as wood, tiles or laminate and one for carpeted floors. The anti-slip grip reduces the friction and creates a secure hold which grips the rug and keeps it in place extending the lifetime of the rug and avoiding wrinkles that can cause tripping. Both are very effective at preventing slips and are not only affordable but easy to install and can be cut to size.

Rug Underlay Liner

Non skid products for outside areas such as pools and patios

When it comes to outdoor areas, safety is paramount and it’s all too easy to slip on a wet patio or around a swimming pool. Non skid stickers are super easy to apply with a self-adhesive backing and can be placed in high traffic areas to prevent slips and falls. These products can be left outside and provide a secure grip even when wet. They are ideal for stairs, around pool sides, ladders and even on boats! The grips come in a variety of colours including a clear strip making it easy to match your decor.

Anti Skid Strips for Outdoor

Non skid products in bathrooms and hallways

Bathrooms, hallways and stairs are all areas inside your home that can get wet. And wet floors usually equals slippery floors. So why not prevent an accident from happening and apply some non-slip grips in these rooms. These grips are very effective especially if you have young children or elderly parents living with you. They have a superior grip and deep treads which give the feet some traction and prevent slips. The stickers come in a range of colours and designs including strips and dots. They provide a solution that is not only effective but can also look stylish too.

Non Skid Strips for Bathrooms

Minimise the risk of accidents in your home this summer and start shopping for non-skid products today to create a safer and more secure environment for your family.

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