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Sample Splinter Protection Film

This sample is 14.5cm x 20cm


If you're worried about your windows and glass panels breaking and splinters causing injuries this may be the solution you're looking for. Apply our clear self-adhesive splinter film over your glass panels to help protect yourself and other from splinters if the glass accidentally breaks. 

Product information:

  • self-adhesive security film for glass surfaces
  • Highly transparent, nearly invisible
  • resistant polyester film with an extra strong adhesive binds glass splinters in the case of a damage
  • used on windows, glass doors and entrance and passage doors
  • squeegee, cutter and instructions included

You will see how easy it is to apply,  clean and remove. Just:

  1. clean the window
  2. measure the window
  3. cut the film to size
  4. spray your windows with water and a few drops of wash up liquid
  5. remove the backing paper
  6. place the the film on the glass surface and glide it into position
  7. start from the centre and squeeze out all water with a squeegee
  8. wipe dry with a towel.

You can read more about window film application here.


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