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Anti-slip Grip | Black Strips Stickers - 24 Pack

Product Details

Package Size: 24 strips

Grip Size: 2cm x 20cm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Tools included:Applicator
Colour: Black
Material: PEVA, Self-adhesive acrylic gel, Release paper

Our Anti-slip Grip Black Strips Stickers are the perfect solution for preventing slips and falls. Each 24 pack includes self-adhesive strips that are easy to install and create a skid proof surface. Customise your pattern to fit whatever area you want to protect, such as bathrooms, patios, pool edges and boats. Enjoy a safe and secure work or play environment with these stickers.


  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Waterproof
  • Skidproof
  • Strong Viscosity

Where to install

  • showers
  • bath tubs
  • slippery floors
  • stairs
  • ladders
  • pool edges
  • boats
  • decking timber


This is how you install anti-slip grip stickers:

  1. Clean: Clean the surface with a good grease remover like sugar soap. Let it dry completely
  2. Peel: Peel the backing paper from the sticker and apply it to the surface
  3. Stick: Use a spatula or squeegee and push out all the air
  4. Enjoy: Let the stickers bond with the surface for 24h before use
  5. Maintenance: Can be cleaned with a brush and water.

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