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Wet Room Vinyl Wall Tiles from d-c-fix - FAQs

Important! If you can't find your installation surface below pleasecontact us before you purchase.

The best results are achieved with even, clean (ceramic) tiles. They can be applied to the following:

painted gib (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint)
smooth ceramic tile
wall panel (acrylic)

Please note that if the tiles are used in wet room areas they do not substitute for waterproofing underlay or membranes.

It is not recommended to install wet room vinyl wall tiles on the following surfaces:
✖ porous wood
✖ relief ceramic tiles
✖ textured wallpaper
✖ unpainted gib
✖ floors
✖ bench tops
✖ ceilings
✖ brick
✖ stone

The tiles should be applied at room temperature (20-22°C).

We don´t recommend the application on textured surfaces.

Yes, this is their main application area.

Insert a flat object (e.g. a screwdriver) behind the wall tiles,pry them off slightly and then pullthemfrom thewall. Residual adhesive can be removed with a label or adhesive remover.

Yes, the tiles can be applied on top of your existing shower walls as the backside film that is protruding on two sides ensures watertight joints. Outer edges should be sealed with silicon when applied in wet rooms.

Please note that if the tiles are used in wet room areas they do not substitute for waterproofing underlay or membranes.

The Waterprrof Wall Tiles don´t have a heat resistance certificate. But they fulfill the requirements of CE mark / Burning behavoir class E for private use.


Yes, but be sure to seal all outer edges with silicone, especially in wet rooms. This prevents moisture from penetrating. Air the room well afterwards.

The tiles have a scratch resistance of 2N, a lightfastness grade 5 and a color fastness grade of

They consist of long-lasting materials but we don't have a test result / certificate that confirms their expected lifetime.

They should be applied at least 80cm away from fireplaces, heating radiators or stoves with open flames.

They can be repositioned for a short time period if they are not applied with pressure to the surface.

The Self-Adhesive Wall tiles from d-c-fix is is German invention made in China.