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Vintage Blue Floor Tiles - 11 Pack of 30.5cm x 30.5cm


Vintage blue floor tiles with a white base. Self-adhesive floor tiles are designed as an ultimate solution for low traffic floor areas like the laundry room, guest toilet, hallway, en-suite or even the caravan.

Product Information:

  • Sold as a package of 11 sheets (covers 1m2/pack)
  • Each sheet is 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 1.2mm
  • easy to cut to size, apply and reposition during application
  • resistant to humidity in bathrooms
  • waterproof (but not suitable for within the shower)
  • suitable for flat, hard and clean surfaces (e.g. flat floor tiles)
  • self-adhesive, easy to wipe clean and fully removable
  • real looking with stone, wood grain and moroccan designs with different structure and finishes
  • for DIYers that want to save time & money on flooring
    • Subfloors which are suitable for the Classic Floor Tiles:
      1. (floating) screed
      2. Glued PVC floor
      3. Polished concrete
      4. Smooth, jointless wooden floor (Caution: should be degreased and neutralised with water)
      5. Ceramic tiles (Caution: the ceramic tiles should have a smooth surface and the joints should not be wider than 3mm)
      Subfloors which are not suitable for the Classic Floor Tiles:
      1. Floating floors (Laminate, Click Vinyl, Parquet)
      2. Linoleum
      3. Smooth surfaces (e.g. carpets)
      4. Floors with heating
      5. Outside
      6. Floors exposed to high temperature or permanent direct sunlight
      7. Floors exposed to permanent moisture
      8. Dirty and dusty floors
    • For a successful installation you will need:
      1. craft mat
      2. metal edge ruler
      3. tape measure
      4. craft knife
      5. pen

      You can find some of these tools here.

      This is how you install the self-adhesive floor tiles. Make sure that you follow all instructions carefully.

      1. Place the floor tiles in the room at least 48h before application at room temperature ( 20-22°C)
      2. Fix any cracks or chips in existing tiles before you start
      3. Clean the floor thoroughly removing any dirt or grease
      4. Dry the floor
      5. Remove the backing paper
      6. Apply the tiles by pressing it down firmly with your hands. Press in the middle first and then the edges. Optional: Use an unused paint roller for a firmer pressing. Make sure that edges are butted together
      7. The tiles can be cut to size. Mark the back with a pen and then score your mark with a craft knife
      8. Bend to snap the score
      9. Allow 24h for the adhesive to bond

      This video show how to apply self-adhesive floor tiles

      We recommend that you read our FAQ page before installing the Floor Tiles.

    • Calculate the surface you need to cover. This is easiest done by splitting each surface into rectangular sections. Each pack covers 1m2. We recommend adding a minimum of 10% extra for wastage.

    • Aftercare
      1. Wait 5 days before cleaning the Classic Floor Tiles for the first time
      2. Clean the tiles regularly. They can be damp-wiped with a light detergent
      3. Vacuum cleaners and brooms are fine to use
      4. Take care with sharp objects
      5. Avoid standing moisture

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    sarah doyle

    Very happy with these tiles - easy to apply, lovely colour and pattern. I added some to an old table top for a refresh and I am thrilled with the results.

    Meagan K
    Floor tiles- fantastic !

    I used these tiles in a small walk in wardrobe area. I spent time making sure the surface was clean and dry with no bumps etc. They were very easy to apply and excellent quality. I was sceptical but they look fantastic! I’m going to order more to do another room