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Sample Oriental Style | Wet Room Vinyl Wall Tiles

Product Details

Sample Size: 1/9 of a sheet
Thickness: 1.4mm
Colour: Grey
Material: Wall tile made of PVC, Protruding, self-adhesive film, Release paper

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This product will no longer be an in stock item but may be taken in on request.

Take your wet room to the next level with Oriental Style Wall Tiles. Their unique grey and white pattern creates a stunning look, perfect for any space! Try the look with just a sample - order now and be inspired!


  • can be applied on top of ceramic tiles
  • steam resistant
  • no grout needed
  • easy to wipe clean
  • just cut, peel and stick

If you are unsure of what design to choose for your project, we recommend that you order a sample first.

Where to install

Important:If your installation surface is not listed below, please contact us for advice before you purchase.

Recommended surfaces

Wet room vinyl wall tiles can be installed on smooth and undamaged surfaces like:

  • painted gib (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint)
  • smooth ceramic tile
  • wall panel (acrylic)
  • metal

Not suitable surfaces

It is not recommendedto install wet room vinyl wall tiles on the following surfaces:

  • porous wood
  • relief ceramic tiles
  • textured wallpaper
  • unpainted gib
  • floors
  • bench tops
  • ceilings
  • brick
  • stone

Tools Required

For a successful installation you will need:

  • grease remover (e.g. sugar soap)
  • cutting mat
  • metal edge ruler
  • tape measure
  • craft knife
  • pen
  • level

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If you would like to know more about these tiles we recommend that you read our FAQs.

Watch this short video for more details about the tiles and how to install them.


  1. Before you start: Place the wet room vinyl wall tiles in the room at least 48h before application at room temperature ( 20-22°C)
  2. Prepare the application surface: The surface must be clean, even, free of dust, oil and grease, and permanently dry. Level out any unevenness with a filler.
  3. Application: Peel off the backing paper from the overhanging backing film and stick the tile to the wall. Glue the next wall tile overlapping the overhang of the previous tile edge to edge.
  4. Cut to size: If necessary, cut the wall tiles to size. To do this, position a rule and run the cutter knife along it two or three times.
  5. Seal: The backside film is protruding on two sides and ensures watertight joints.Be sure to seal all outer edges with silicone, especially in wet rooms. This prevents moisture from penetrating. Air the room well afterwards.


Clean the tiles with a light, commercially available liquid cleaner or soapy water. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water.
Caution: Avoid acetone, mineral spirits and direct heat at all costs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leanne Peterson
Loved them. They are stylish and easy to use.

These are stylish and easy to apply. Would recommend to brighten any room. Used these to tidy up my mums place and she gets so many compliments.

Sandra Short
Awesome tiles

Love these they sure make a statement in our laundry and bathroom

Excellent product

I was very excited about the purchase and devastated that the tiles did not work for my project. I bought them to upgrade an old mantle; they turned out to be too heavy to stay in place, so I returned them. The quality is excellent, lovely print, and I love the idea of refurbishing the old pieces for a fraction of the cost. The Vinyl Home team was excellent; Kelly took the time to explain the differences between various tile types, and the return and refund were processed smoothly. So I am happy to recommend Vinyl Home to everyone and will not hesitate to purchase from them again.