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Sample Caserta White Tiles Wallpaper


White square tiles with white grout. 

Sample Size:

The samples are approximately: 14.5cm x 20cm

Product Information:

  • easy to cut to size and apply (just add glue or paste)
  • suitable for wet areas when sealed
  • washable
  • wider than standard wallpaper
  • an ideal splash back over tiles
  • easy to remove leaving a paper-layer behind to apply the next wallpaper on or remove it completely
  • an easy DIY installation that saves you time & money

To find out if wallpaper is suitable for your project we recommend that you order a sample first and check the design, colour and quality. You will discover the 3D design and how easy it is to wipe clean.

  • For a successful installation you will need:
    1. glue / adhesive
    2. brush for glue application
    3. tape measure
    4. scissors
    5. pen
    6. level / ruler

    You can find some of these tools here.

    This is how you install the wallpaper. Make sure that you follow all instructions carefully.

    1. Make sure that the surface of your wall is smooth, solid, dry and clean from grease and dust.
    2. Measure the surface and cut the first strip to the right size
    3. For non-absorbent surfaces such as oil or lacquer coatings, use common dispersion adhesive (e.g. Ceramics adhesive from our online store). Apply the adhesive to the back of the roll. Alternatively moisten the back of the wallpaper with water and let it soak for 10min. Apply the adh esive straight to the wall that you wish to cover with wallpaper. Fill up any grout lines with adhesive (if you cover tiles).
    4. For absorbent surfaces such as concrete or drywall, use common wallpaper adhesive for heavy wallpaper (for example Metylan spezial). Apply the adhesive to the back of the roll, fold, and let soak for approximately 10 minutes.
    5. Apply the first strip, starting at the top, and ensure vertical alignment. Cut the next strip to ensure the pattern repeat is taken into consideration. Place it next to the previous strip after applying adhesive. The strips should be butt joined so that they are positioned edge to edge with out overlap. Cut the wallpaper in the corner and start with a new piece on the other wall. This prevents the wallpaper from coming loose in the corners.
    6. In rooms which are subject to moisture, it is essential to ensure that all edges and joins are sealed with PVC cold welding paste (for PVC wall coverings). This prevents moisture from penetrating underneath the wall covering. When finished, ensure that the room is well ventilated!< /li>

    Attention: Always follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions! Attention: Immediately remove any spots of adhesive with clean water!
    This video shows how to apply Ceramics Wallpaper:
    Unsure of if your surface is non-absorbent or absorbent? Then test with this quick guide:
    1. spray the surface with water
    2. if the water rolls off the surface then it is non-absorbent - Our Ceramics glue can be used
    3. if the surface gets dark then it is absorbent - Use wallpaper adhesive for heavy wallpaper
    We recommend that you read our FAQ page before installing Ceramics Waterproof Wallpaper.
    1. Read our FAQ page so that you are clear on what adhesive you require
    2. Read the product description so that you are aware of which way the design goes
    3. Some rolls are available in 4m and others in 20m. All rolls are wide
    4. The short rolls are ideal for a splash back and the 20m rolls for larger walls
    5. Measure the height x length of your wall (e.g. 2.4m x 1.7m)
    6. Divide the height by 0.675m (e.g. 2.4m / 0.675m = 3.56 strips
    7. This means you will need 4 strips that are 1.7m long
    8. You will need 2 rolls x 4m.
  • Ceramics should not be fixed near open fire and places with heat more than 60°C. From heat sources of more than 60°C it is recommended to have a minimum distance of 80cm.

    The wallpaper is waterproof and can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. Use gentle household liquid detergents, soap solutions or similar. Then wash the wall surface with clean water. Attention: Avoid acetone, white spirit, solvents and direct heat!

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