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Pineview Static Cling - 45cm x 1.5m

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Product information:

  • sold by roll (45cm x 1.5m)
  • adds privacy to your windows but doesn't block out the light
  • adheres with static technology. No glue!
  • easy to apply with a squeegee without getting any air bubbles
  • gives 95% UV protection
  • protects your furnishings from fading
  • easy to wipe clean
  • easy to remove
  • premium film that looks like real glass
  • very resistant to scratches thanks to additional paint layer
  • can be reused over and over again
  • environmentally manufactured

These pretty squirrels are hugely popular for children's bedrooms and kitchen windows. It will give you full privacy  and you can be assured that no one will see through the film. Yes you can recognise shadows and colours but you won't see any details. This pattern is  available in 45cm wide rolls . It is perfect for smaller windows or if you only want to cover part of your window. If you would like to cover more you can always build it up as panels on top of each other. 

Our static cling window film are ideal for the bedroom, bathroom, shower glass, kitchen, the office or the narrow window at the front door where everyone can see straight through. It is also suitable as décor on glass doors and mirrors.

  • The window film is very easy to apply, just:
    1. spray your windows with water and a few drops of wash up liquid
    2. remove the backing paper (Yes there is one!)
    3. place the the film on the glass surface (2mm minimum from the edge) and glide it into position
    4. start from the centre and squeeze out all water with a squeegee
    5. wipe dry with a towel.
    To achieve the best result we recommend that the window film is applied with our d-c-fix® application kit. The applicator has a velvet edge which gives a smooth application that won't damage the surface. You can read more about window film application here. This video shows how you apply the window film.
    1. Measure the height and width of the window
    2. Read the product description carefully so that you know which way the design goes
    3. Most of our window film rolls are 1.5m long and 45cm, 67.5cm or 90cm wide.
    4. If one roll isn't enough to cover the entire window, the film can in most cases be butt joined with a second roll. Please note that for most of our film the entire window doesn't need to be covered. It can also be nice to build up panels leaving a small gap between.
  • Clean with soapy water or normal window cleaner. Damp cloth. Avoid bleach and non-abrasive cleaning products. We recommend you to clean the film with soapy water. Avoid using cleaning products containing chlorine that can bleach or discolour the film.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gemma T.
Everything I wanted

The pineview static cling looks amazing on the window in my daughter's nursery. It has given a great amount of privacy, while looking stylish and cute and still letting the sun in.

It was delivered promptly and the product was of very good quality with easy to follow instuctions

So in love with it.

Jin H.
Samples need to be a little bigger

HI I like your product but the sample sent was a little too small, so it was diffocult for me to visualise the whole picture

I have had...

I have had many awkward moments when catching the eye of the neighbour while in my daughter's room. The film prvoided privacy and light while being super cute! So happy!!!!!!


Unfortunately this room looks directly into our neighbour's living room/dining room. I have many moments while walking into her room or pulling up her blinds where I have caught the eye of the neighbour and her friends at the table. In turn having that awkward moment not knowing whether to smile and wave or quickly turn around. The film is the perfect solution as it provides the privacy that we desperately needed while also allow sun to come into her room. And this pineview print is adorable and matches her bedroom decor perfectly! We are so impressed with how it turned out. It is easy to apply but definitely a two man job as it can be quite tricky to get straight. My only advice would be to ensure that the edge you are measuring from is square - learnt our lesson