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Clarity - 45cm x 2m

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Product information:

  • sold by roll (45cm x 2m)
  • doesn't block out the light
  • decor for your windows
  • makes glass more visible to prevent pets and children run into your glass
  • adds some privacy
  • adheres with static technology. No glue!
  • easy to apply with a squeegee without getting any air bubbles
  • easy to wipe clean
  • easy to remove
  • premium film that looks like real glass
  • can be reused over and over again
  • environmentally manufactured

Clarity has stripes that gives your window a venetian blind effect. The window stripes are designed for windows and ranch slider to make them more visible to prevent that children, pets and well anyone walk into them. They are also decorative and can be mixed and matched between different sizes. Our Window Stripes come in four different sizes: 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm and 45cm all 2m long. 

Our window stripes are ideal for the ranch slider, bedroom, bathroom, shower glass, kitchen and the office window. It is also suitable as décor on glass doors and mirrors.

This film is produced and cut in a way which means two rolls are not completely identical. The distance between the lines are the same and the pattern identical but some rolls may start with the thicker line at the top and others the gap between the lines at the top. 
  • The window film is very easy to apply, just:
    1. spray your windows with water and a few drops of wash up liquid
    2. remove the backing paper (Yes there is one!)
    3. place the the film on the glass surface (2mm minimum from the edge) and glide it into position
    4. start from the centre and squeeze out all water with a squeegee
    5. wipe dry with a towel.
    To achieve the best result we recommend that the window film is applied with our d-c-fix® application kit. The applicator has a velvet edge which gives a smooth application that won't damage the surface. You can read more about window film application here. This video shows how you apply the window film.
    1. Measure the height and width of the window
    2. Read the product description carefully so that you know which way the design goes
    3. Most of our window film rolls are 1.5m long and 45cm, 67.5cm or 90cm wide.
    4. If one roll isn't enough to cover the entire window, the film can in most cases be butt joined with a second roll. Please note that for most of our film the entire window doesn't need to be covered. It can also be nice to build up panels leaving a small gap between.
  • Clean with soapy water or normal window cleaner. Damp cloth. Avoid bleach and non-abrasive cleaning products. We recommend you to clean the film with soapy water. Avoid using cleaning products containing chlorine that can bleach or discolour the film.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gus Gurran
Privacy done

Great product, easy to apply, looks great and exactly what was needed to create privacy on the kitchen window and entry door.

Alana H.
Clarity Static Film

Easy to use, great for making areas more private, still lets plenty of light in.

Suzi G.

Having the option of viewing samples before jumping in and buying a whole roll is awesome! We were able to get a few samples & decide what we want for our kitchen. Will definitely be making further purchases!


Quick and easy ordering and delivered promptly. I purchased Clarity - 30x2m and used half for our office window that overlooks our neighbours busy back door. Also they recently painted their house white and the reflection is horrendous. I didn’t want to remove the upper part of the view as it is looks straight out at Mt Roy, Wanaka. I did the job myself (female) got everything ready and the result was perfection! So when my neighbour goes to hang her washing out and I’m at our computer, we will no longer be eye balling each other.