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Marble Marmi Grey - 90cm x 15m

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Product information:

  • sold by roll (90cm x 15m)
  • can be used on any clean and dry flat surface
  • durable
  • easy to apply
  • water & alcohol resistant
  • environmentally friendly manufactured
  • takes heat up to 75°C

Marble Marmi Grey is our number one best seller. The pattern has a white base with a marble pattern in a grey. It has a glossy finish which makes it easy to wipe clean. This vinyl is also available in 45cm and 67.5cm wide rolls.

  • The vinyl is very easy to use just:

    1. fold down a few cm of the backing paper and stick the exposed area to the surface
    2. pull the backing paper with one hand and use a squeegee in the other hand
    3. start from the centre and squeeze out all the air with the squeegee.

    To achieve the best result we recommend that the sticky back plastic is applied with our d-c-fix® application kit. The applicator has a velvet edge which gives a smooth application that won't damage the surface. Shop application tools here. You can read more about sticky back plastic application here.

    This video shows how you apply the self-adhesive film to a bench top.

    See all our easy to follow along How To videos here.

    1. Measure the width of the surface including the edges you would like to cover. Add 6-8cm for the excess trim. This determines the width of the roll you require (eg 54cm wide surface + 8cm = 62cm. Use a 67.5cm roll)
    2. Measure the length of all surfaces and add 8cm for each surface. This determines how many meters you need.
    3. The standard sizes of the rolls are 2m and 15m. It is best to use one length for each surface. If you need to add two pieces together then our wood grain designs will hide the joins the best.

    Here is a general guide of approximately how much vinyl the most common projects require:

    Appliance: 2m/1.5m x 67.5cm
    Fridge, dishwasher, washing machine
    Bathroom Vanity: 2 x 45cm x 2m
    Small single vanity with two doors and two side panels
    Bench top: 67.5cm x 2m
    Standard bench top 1.8m long x 60cm wide
    Chest of Drawers: 3 x 45cm x 2m
    3 large drawers outside dimensions max D: 40cm, H: 90cm, W: 90cm
    Dining Table: 90cm x 2.1m
    1.8m/2m long and up to 85cm wide
    Kitchen Cupboards: 67.5cm x 15m
    Medium sized: 2 tall cupboards, 6 small cupboards and 3 side panels and kick-boards
  • Follow these tips to care for your vinyl and get the longest length out of it:

    1. Clean with non-abrasive products. A damp cloth and soapy water is recommended.
    2. Avoid cleaning products containing chlorine or anything that can bleach the vinyl
    3. Avoid food with strong colouring like turmeric and curry spices, grinded coffee, food colouring and tomato sauce as they may stain the surface
    4. Never put anything that is warmer than 75°C directly on the vinyl surface. Pots directly from the stove are too hot but a cuppa is generally fine
    5. Use coasters and trivets to protect the surface from heat
    6. Use cutting boards at all times and lift objects instead of shuffle them to avoid scratching the surface.
    7. The vinyl can be used in damp rooms but seal the edges if they’re in direct contact with water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nicole Delamere

I love this product. Abd everything about vinyl home i Have used it for years. On both My homes now,but I get highly disappointed when I relise I havnt purchased enough so I need to order more but it's out of stock and my project remains half done until it comes back into stock 😒

Hi Nicole, thanks for your review and our apologies for the stock delays we have been experiencing this year. Our next shipment is due in a few weeks time.

Maryam Khan
Awesome product!

I used the Marble Marmi Grey on two of my tables and it was great. It was really easy to use and changed up the look of my whole space. Would highly recommend!

Thanks so much for the great review Maryam. We really appreciate it. Glad your project turned out great!

Abbie C.
Marble Marmi Grey

everything about this product was good, the packaging, instructions and the product was easy to use, it was a great way to make our kitchen a little nicer we have had so many complements since! Thankyou again!

Lorraine C.
Marble Marmi Grey

Excellent vinyl. Found it awkward to apply initially but now have the "knack" .

Am.doing kitchen counter top and am half way through. Makes such a difference already.

Christine B.
Marble look Vinyl

This is a great product, looks very authentic I have an unusual use for it, I use it on my Dollhouse columns to make it look like Palladium style